Free Shipping On All Orders in the USA!


Do You Print Your Own T-Shirts?

Our tees are printed through Tee Shirt Central Miami. (TSC Miami) All our tees are printed using the best DTG printing technology available like the new Kornit Avalanche printers.  

How Long Does it Take to Get My T-Shirt?

Production time is 1- 3 days. Usually, they're printed in 1 or 2 days. Shipping time is 3 - 5 business days. So basically, it takes 5 - 8 days to get your t-shirt.

What If My Shirt Is Messed Up or You Send Me the Wrong Size?

If there is any sizing, fabric or printing issue, you have two options -- You can get a total refund, or you can get a 100% free replacement t-shirt.  

For example, if there's loose stitching/fabric damage, or if the graphics are off-center, etc, you can get a refund or free replacement. Just let us know, and send over a pic that clearly shows the issue. We'll take a look, and if there is a factory mistake of any kind we will make it right with a refund or replacement.

If your t-shirt comes in a size you did not order, then we offer a full refund or 100% free replacement. You will just need to send over pics of the tag stating the size, clearly showing that it's the shirt you ordered. If the size you receieve does not match the size you ordered, you can get a total refund or free replacement.  

What If I Order the Wrong Size or Color By Mistake?

We provide exact measurement charts in the product description for all our t-shirts. If you order the wrong size or color by mistake, we cannot offer a refund or replacement. We encourage you to be sure to order the correct size :) 

Do You Make Your Own Concepts and Designs?

Yes, we do. All our original graphic t-shirt designs are crafted directly from the cranium to the t-shirt. We love creativity and cutting loose with designs that catch people's eyes and make them crack a smile. We make it a point to give the world off-kilter designs with a nice pinch of attitude. 

Why Does The Return Address On my Package Say New York?

When you order a t-shirt from Brazen Planet the return address on the package is the address of a company called Spoke Customs, in New York. They handle all our returned items, and process them at their factory there in NY. Your t-shirts are printed by T-Shirt Central, located in Miami Florida. However, all returns will go to Spoke Customs, and that is why the return addy on the package is to NY, rather than Florida.


Why Does My Tracking Info Say That My T-Shirt is Being Shipped From Texas? 

Our t-shirt printing fulfillment is handled by T-Shirt Central Miami. Most of the time your shirt will ship straight from Miami. But occasionally, if someone orders a size or color that is out of stock at T-Shirt Central Miami, they will have it printed from their factory in Texas called Monster Digital. That's to ensure you get the size and color you want. The print job is just as excellent, and is still processed through TSC Miami and held to the same exact printing standards and excellence.