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About Us

The Ones Who Get You Are the Ones Who Matter

Not everyone gets you, and that's okay. The ones who matter will pick up what you're putting down, so let our shirts emit your light and speak to those who are on your level and in your zone. 

My Name is Matthew Smith and I'm a Real Live Person 

Hey everyone, my name is Matthew Smith and I started Brazen Planet a little over 3 years ago. I wasn't planning on putting my pic up but I figured it would be nice to see that you're dealing with an actual person.

I wouldn't want to come off as one of those ripoff T-Shirt stores that either takes your money or finally sends you a crappy shirt two months later with a garbage print-job and holes where a mouse chewed it.

Having personally experienced the lows of ordering tees online, I am super-adamant about doing things the right way --which is why I love having control over the designs and t-shirts from conception to print-job.

All concepts come straight from my cranium, and all designs are 100% original and crafted in-house using Adobe Creative Suite software. (Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator)

Humor, attitude and nostalgia are at the heart of Brazen Planet. My goal is to create designs that make people excited to wear t-shirts. I also make sure you get a fair price that always includes free shipping. 


One of my copyrighted designs actually went viral and got digitally thieved by some low-life web goblins, but I have been SUPER vigilant in finding them ALL and having them legally removed. I am the creator of the Don't Fear The Meeper design, and as you can see my friends at ShirtPunch legally licensed it for a 24-hour sale. I've had it removed from over 20 websites illegally selling it, and have even had a few permanently shut down and heavily fined for IP infringement.   

Please don't hesitate to order an original tee from my site. Most of the time you will get your shirt/shirts in the mailbox in about 7 - 10 days, sometimes a little quicker. But there may be times when it takes a day or two extra, like holidays, etc.

Like I said, shipping is always free! And if you have any issues with your order just let me know and I will make it right. Remember, you're dealing with a person who is actually decent and won't screw you over in any way, shape or form. Thanks for giving Brazen Planet a look and don't forget to snag a tee while you're here.  Sincerely, Matthew Smith

High Quality Printing Technology

All shirts are printed using Kornit Avalanche HD6 printers and the new Kornit Atlas printers. These machines offer the highest caliber DTG (direct to garment) printing in the industry. 

All Shirts Printed in the USA

All print production takes place in the USA, (Miami FLA) and we currently do not offer international shipping. Hopefully sometime in the future international shipping will become available!

Graphic T-Shirts Done By Hand

Graphics are concepted and crafted in-house using creative software and a nice pinch of personality. Humor, realness and nostalgia are at the core of most designs so your personality can radiate from your shirt.

Your Unique POV Inspires Us

It takes like-minded people like you to wield humor and good vibes in this big and scary world. Our mission is to capture a moment or feeling that resonates in an epic way, and embed it in fabric.